11/13/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 22)

19 Nov

This is the day!  The day it finally happens!  We’re flipping the mammoth!!!

Flipping The Mammoth Photo

2014-11-13 15.36.28 2014-11-13 15.36.08 2014-11-13 15.36.54

I worked on the unknown and had no idea what I would find.  I knew that there was the plastic barrier that existed on (what is now) the bottom.  But what the tusk looked like remained a mystery.  I was able to observe the surface through the plastic, to an extent.  I quickly noticed an area that would need swift attention…

2014-11-13 15.37.13 2014-11-13 15.38.26 2014-11-13 15.38.58 2014-11-13 15.38.47

I prepare you for a partial unveiling since it’s not pretty…

2014-11-13 15.48.10 2014-11-13 15.51.57 2014-11-13 15.51.42 2014-11-13 16.12.51 2014-11-13 16.56.17 2014-11-13 16.56.41 2014-11-13 16.57.11

Okay, okay….THIS is where I’m starting.  I don’t want to expose much of this to air without treating  So, I use acrysol at 10% and this percentage seems to work.  I will be back in a week’s time, where I hope to assess my plan of attack.  Stay tuned!

Tools used: 10% acrysol, sandbags, the cleaning solution of 50% alcohol & 50% distilled water, synthetic brushes, metal tools, wooden tools, 5cm arrow for size reference, and aspirator.

Time spent in the lab was about 3 hours.


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