In 2010, the “Columbia Mammoth” was a unique find anywhere, let alone one so close to home, as it was discovered in Castroville, CA.  The Columbia Mammoth was found on an artichoke farm by the farmers who were grading the land to plant, when all of a sudden there was something on their land that was more than soil.

All told, there were parts of the mammoth found, but not its entirety.  With various teams, the mammoth was lifted out of the dig site & taken to our lab.  As far as how the mammoth met its fate there in Castroville, there are speculations abound.  My favorite is that it got scavenged once it got stuck in the clay soil; which would explain why there are only PARTS of the mammoth.  The soil has both preserved & degraded the bone material.  My work is having to deal with both of those factors at the same time!


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