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11/13/2014 The Columbia Mammoth Tusk (Day 22)

This is the day!  The day it finally happens!  We’re flipping the mammoth!!!

Flipping The Mammoth Photo

2014-11-13 15.36.28 2014-11-13 15.36.08 2014-11-13 15.36.54

I worked on the unknown and had no idea what I would find.  I knew that there was the plastic barrier that existed on (what is now) the bottom.  But what the tusk looked like remained a mystery.  I was able to observe the surface through the plastic, to an extent.  I quickly noticed an area that would need swift attention…

2014-11-13 15.37.13 2014-11-13 15.38.26 2014-11-13 15.38.58 2014-11-13 15.38.47

I prepare you for a partial unveiling since it’s not pretty…

2014-11-13 15.48.10 2014-11-13 15.51.57 2014-11-13 15.51.42 2014-11-13 16.12.51 2014-11-13 16.56.17 2014-11-13 16.56.41 2014-11-13 16.57.11

Okay, okay….THIS is where I’m starting.  I don’t want to expose much of this to air without treating  So, I use acrysol at 10% and this percentage seems to work.  I will be back in a week’s time, where I hope to assess my plan of attack.  Stay tuned!

Tools used: 10% acrysol, sandbags, the cleaning solution of 50% alcohol & 50% distilled water, synthetic brushes, metal tools, wooden tools, 5cm arrow for size reference, and aspirator.

Time spent in the lab was about 3 hours.


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7/21/2014 (Revisited) The Columbia Mammoth (Day 18…)

2014-07-21 16.34.40

I just wanted to hit it home on how far we’ve come since I started on this.  Lots more to come, but again, I just wanted to address that the chaos look of this photo is pretty much how working on this has been: Chaotic & messy.  🙂

(that is all…..)


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More Mammoth-ing Coming Soon!

Just me in the lab working on the tusk.

Just me in the lab working on the tusk.


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11/27/2013 (Day 6)


Yes, it looks…..bad.  It does get BETTER, but it gets WORSE first!!  (Consider yourself prepped for the photos)  Just know, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel….and no, it’s not another train!

Used 5cm arrow for size reference. Continued using the cleaning solution of 50% alcohol & 50% distilled water.  Tools used to clean the ivory tusk are synthetic brushes, metal tools, wooden tools, aspirator & acrysol.

Okay, so I did warn you that it does get bad, right?  Just know that this hurts me more than it hurts you, but here goes… I was cutting back the plaster for better access like I normally do when all of a sudden………..


I’ve chosen to call this section with the cracks in it, “Section 2”.  Original, I know.  But if I don’t have section titles, I’ll have problems referencing for documentation.


Yes, my heart hurts when I see this.  How do you think I felt when I did this!!???  I needed a Tylenol, Advil, or  VALIUM!!  I needed do document what was happening due to my cleaning (that won’t be so rigorously done anymore, I assure you) & it was quite painful.


The lower portion of Section 2 started pulling away like an onion!  Treated the interior with a 30% acrysol solution that it just drank up!  I treated the portion that I took off with a 15% solution before reassembling.  No, I will NOT be cutting back anymore plaster any time soon!



PHEW!  Section #2 is almost reassembled!!!  (Oh my…I just wanted to fix it faster, but I couldn’t because of drying times!!!  It was killing me to see it disassembled.  “No dissemble!”


Used the 15% acrysol to re-treat the first section (Section 1), as well as used this same percentage solution to fill cracks in the hopes of stabilizing the ivory.


Breathing…….So much better.  It was a nightmare, I know.  Sorry I had to put you through it.  Thankfully crisis averted!


This issue makes me consider the possibility of a different plan of attack next time we’re in lab.  Hmmm….I’ll consider my options.  But in the meantime……



(7 hours in lab)

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